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2019 'Your Year' Seasonal Box
2019 'Your Year' Seasonal Box
2019 'Your Year' Seasonal Box
2019 'Your Year' Seasonal Box
2019 'Your Year' Seasonal Box
2019 'Your Year' Seasonal Box

2019 'Your Year' Seasonal Box

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The ‘2019 Your Year’ season box has been curated with the intention of making this year a magical one for you .

The lovely treasures packed inside were chosen to make you feel secure, blessed and capable of receiving your highest hopes and dreams.

The 2019 Your Year seasonal box by Basking In Light includes:

The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Cards by Gabrielle Bernstein

Valued at $24.99

This is an inspiring card deck by Gabrielle Bernstein to help you open and trust to the power of the Universe.

Card box includes 52 delightfully illustrated cards and is shrink-wrapped for pristine condition.

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Lucky Knots Bracelet handmade and blessed by Buddhist Monks

Valued at $18.00

These beautiful Tibetan ‘lucky knots’ bracelets take 30 to 50 minutes each to make by Tibetan Buddhist monks.  

The Tibetan monks hand knot and bless each bracelet whilst reciting their daily mantras. They invite good luck for the wearer and encourage Universal acceptance and unity.

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“Balance” Aromatherapy Blend by Mind Body Energy (15ml Roll-On)

Valued at $22.00

Floral, feminine aromatherapy blend to rebalance mind, body and energy.

Lovingly handcrafted in Sydney, Australia by mindfulness gurus 'Mind Body Energy', this delightful floral aromatherapy blend will help restore balance when you need it.

100% natural and blended from Australian Jojoba, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Helychrysum and Vetiver.

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‘Revival Remedy’ Bach Flower Remedy – 10ml

Valued at $14.00

Revival Remedy is a combination of five flower essences originally formulated by Dr Edward Bach for use in situations requiring ‘emergency rescue’. 

Place 2 drops on your tongue to help bring calm to situations of fear, panic or trauma. Also can be given to pets!

For further information click here (takes you to our sister site Bach Flower Essences)


Crystal Pocket Guardian Angel

Valued at $15.90

A beautiful figurine carved from natural crystal stone to remind you that your Guardian Angel is always there.

Handcrafted from Amethyst or Rose Quartz crystal.

Carry it in your purse, car, pocket or hold in your palm for stress relief.


These 5 items are packed with positive energy and together they can help you remember who you are – a child of the Universe living a miraculous life.

Packaged as a special seasonal box: save over 20% instead of buying each product separately

PAY $75, get $95 value plus FREE shipping within Australia

Limited quantities available so be quick to not miss out!