Why the World Needs More Optimists – and How to Be One Today

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Switch on any news channel and you would be forgiven for thinking the world we live in today is a very dark one.

But I bet you know of at least one person who still claims to live in a bright, light world where the outlook is very positive.

We all live in the same world, so how does that happen?

Different Perceptions Make Different Realities

The difference is in how we perceive the world around us and the meaning we give to our experiences. For example, if someone steals from you would you say the incident was:

a) evidence that rotten apples exist; or

b) evidence that all apples are rotten; or

c) evidence that you always get the rotten apple?

A positivity mindset means accepting that there are some rotten apples out there but choosing to live without the fear of rotten apples dictating how you enjoy life. In other words, live your life but still be sensible in the choices you make!

The Health & Lifestyle Benefits of Being an Optimist

While optimism may have no bearing on how much money or success you achieve in life, one thing is for sure; the optimist always enjoys life more than the pessimist. This is easily illustrated when we think of people who seemingly have it all but who are unhappy or not content.

Studies do show that optimistic people enjoy better overall health and live longer than non-optimists. And when it comes to lifestyle benefits, optimists tend to experience less stress, cope better with disruptions to life, and are in better physical and psychological health.

(sources: Harvard Health and Mayo Clinic)

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Why the World Needs More Optimists

Optimism is contagious, as is negativity. But the advantages of optimism are far greater than many of us give it credit for; an optimistic state of mind literally has the power to create miracles. I’ll say that again:

An optimistic state of mind literally has the power to create miracles. Here’s how:

Think about every medical or scientific breakthrough ever made – they would not exist if the innovators and creators of this world were pessimists.

By choosing to see the world through a positive filter, your actions tend to be made through faith-in-good rather than fear-of-bad.

The optimistic mind finds a way when the pessimist says there is no way. An optimist not only carries hope when others feel hopeless, but shares their hope with others. Perhaps today we do need to work harder to uplift ourselves, but there is still much to feel uplifted about, and by uplifting ourselves we encourage others to feel uplifted too.


Q. What came first – the chicken (good life conditions) or the egg (positivity mindset)?

A. The egg, because a positive outlook is a choice, not a result.

Having a positive mindset is what builds an amazing life, an amazing life does not create an optimist.

How to Build Unshakeable Optimism

Now more than ever with all the seemingly negative stuff going on in the world, it’s not enough to just have a ‘positive’ mindset. Things are changing so quickly that what looks secure one day can fall like a deck of cards the next.

This is a time when you need to have your optimism built upon a rock, meaning, a positive outlook cannot depend on what appears or disappears in front of your eyes.

You can call it faith, you can call it inner peace. But it is a knowing that everything has a season, things change, and always ‘this too shall pass’ (the good and the bad).

We can’t all achieve today what enlightened souls spend lifetimes developing, but there are little things that we can do now that will strengthen the roots of a positivity mindset, and with practice as these things become habit the roots become so deep that close to nothing will shake you.

1. Express gratitude immediately upon waking

Start the day right. Start it in gratitude for another day and acknowledge the blessing your life really is. Not a day goes past where we are not blessed in some way. You’re alive!

2. Expect “good” and look for it

“Expect good to happen and more good will happen.” This statement almost seems naïve but it is an expression of the universal Law of Attraction and all Universal Laws are elegantly simple. Play the game of ‘looking for good’ and you will be surprised by the amount of kindness, beauty and generosity there is out there on any given day. Seek and ye shall find.

3. Notice when grace appears and give thanks when you do

Grace can be defined as receiving a gift from God without us having to do anything to receive it. Ultimately, the true supplier of anything and everything is the Universe, and we receive from the Universe through grace. Nothing is ever truly ours, we are merely the caretakers until its time to serve us is done.

4. Practice gratitude throughout the day

Gratitude is the big spiritual multiplier – being grateful gives you more reasons to be grateful. When you exercise gratitude you are acknowledging that which adds positively to your life and giving focus to that, thereby increasing the value of that which you are grateful for.

5. Find the Silver Lining in everything

This is a tough one, particularly in times of despair but it’s an important skill to master. Being able to find some good in any situation is what gets you through tough times when other people fall down. Even when things feel like they are falling apart, the opportunity to fix it is the silver lining in the cloud.

6. Choose the energy you play with wisely

Some facts:

– Misery loves company.

– Anything that says “Warning: Disturbing images” is probably not helpful, just harmful.

– Some people might not want you to be happy.

– The ‘news’ is not all the news.

But remember that good stuff happens, positive content inspires and empowers, and you can always choose how you spend your time and with whom. Be a supporter of hopes and dreams and you will build a brighter life not just for yourself, but for those who are attracted to the light.



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Recommended Books for Budding Optimists

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein
The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Heal Your Mind by Mona Lisa Schulz & Louise Hay
Heal Your Mind by Mona Lisa Schulz & Louise Hay

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