Three Theories About Seeing 1111 That May Blow Your Mind!

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Picture this. You are driving down the motorway and you decide to check the time. Looking at the clock it reads 11:11. Then you glance at the odometer and watch it tick over to 1111 kilometers. Straight away you focus back on the road to see a car pass by with the licence plate WR1111.

What would you think if that scenario played out to you? Just a random coincidence? Or would you be one of the growing number of people across the world viewing it with a deeper, or perhaps even ‘otherworldly’, meaning?

Why do some people feel there’s a mystical significance behind the 1111 number sequence, and what does seeing 1111 actually mean?

For this article I researched the ‘seeing 1111 phenomena’ and gathered together the three theories that’ll really get you thinking.

What really stood out as I studied the different theories is this: although there is no absolute authority to the meaning behind seeing 1111, there is an undeniable commonality between all these theories. That is, seeing 1111 is meant to trigger something deep within you.

So if you’ve been seeing 1111 and are trying to figure out what it all means, you’ll most probably come across one explanation out of many that resonates and makes sense.

People are attracted to certain 1111 meanings because the effect of seeing 1111 is different across individuals. We have our own missions in life, and a unique set of challenges and strengths. Furthermore these factors can change from one period in your life to another. Hence, the meaning you attribute to the 1111 number sequence can change as you continue to evolve.

Theory #1

Seeing 11:11 is an Awakening Code

The Awakening Code is a theory that 1111 is a digital time code preprogrammed into our brains before incarnating. Seeing 1111 is said to trigger the subconscious mind to re-remember the importance of this sequence.

According to online community Seeing1111.com, seeing 11:11 is literally awakening our DNA for two reasons, namely:
– people look at the world differently when they have an 11:11 experience; and
– the energetic properties of the numbers 11:11 have an effect on our own energetic fields and bodies.

For most of us, trying to ‘re-remember’ why 1111 is important is like unsuccessfully trying to remember a dream the next morning. Although we get the essence of the dream, we can’t quite recall the details or bring the picture to mind.

However there is a surprising upshot to the Awakening Code theory. By simply being triggered to feel that 1111 is significant, your energy body shifts up to a higher frequency.

You don’t necessarily have to understand why 1111 is significant in order to benefit from its wonder.

By the way, Seeing1111.com promotes sharing of 11:11’s powerful energy. They help bring people together in positive intention, every day, wherever the clocks show 11:11 in the planet. So be sure to check them out.

Theory #2

11:11 is a Gateway Between the Third and Fifth Dimensions

1111 gateway

In numerology, the number 11 is a Master Number symbolizing the link between the material and divine worlds (human and spirit).

The theory of the 11:11 Gateway is that the number sequence opens a portal between our world and the angelic realm. When it reaches the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour, or the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the higher plane is waiting to hear from you.

Three Viewpoints of The Awakening Code theory

In Shanta Gabriel’s interesting post “The 11:11 Gateway ~ A Message from Archangel Gabriel”, Shanta writes: “The most important significance of the 11:11 is its availability as a Gateway to higher consciousness, a moment in time where the Angels of Light can take your offered prayers and good intentions to assist their manifestation on the Earth. Whenever the 11:11 presents itself, it acts as a daily reminder to take that one minute to hold your dreams in your heart, acknowledge the support available from the Angelic Realms, and have the courage to affirm your willingness to move into new dimensions of Love.”

Gillian MacBeth Louthan at Quantum Awakening writes in her article “11:11 Gateway“: “Each time that you see 11, 111 or 1111 on a clock it represents that you are being given an opportunity to walk into a Gateway of Manifestation. The universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts, which then are manifesting into the physical in record speed.”

The above is also very similar to what Doreen Virtue writes in reference to 1111 and angel numbers. Doreen advises: “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting instantly into form. Focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears.”

In summary, what the 11:11 Gateway theory espouses is using the portal deliberately and consciously to manifest your highest intentions – for yourself, the earth, loved ones or mankind in general.

Perhaps making a wish at 11:11 is more than a game after all!

Theory #3

11:11 is Synchronicity at Play

Synchronicity and seeing 1111

In the context of seeing 1111, synchronicity means that you are in synch with the beat of the Universe.

You may have experienced it – where you suddenly get unusually smooth runs with your normal activities. I’m talking about things like:
– green traffic lights all the way
– trains arriving as you step onto the platform, and
– receiving what you need before you even ask

Experiencing synchronicity like this is the Universe giving you signs that you’re on the right path . For that moment in time you are exactly in the place where you are meant to be!

In “Do You See 11:11? The Mysterious World of Synchronicity” by Luke Miller on truththeory.com, Luke writes that synchronicity “…can serve as a reminder that you are on the right path, it can be for guidance, sometimes it is to test you, sometimes it will lead you to form significant relationships and other times it is just for you to stop and be present!

So Which Theoretical Meaning of 11:11 Makes The Most Sense?

As I said before, there is no single authority on the meaning behind 11:11. Anyone searching for an answer will gravitate towards the theory that speaks most deeply to them.

Personally, the synchronicity-theory of 11:11 is one that is perfectly aligned to where I am in my life right now. I’m currently in a phase of frequently seeing 1111 and I love it!

Seeing 1111 is my sign from the Universe that I am no random accident just happening to inhabit this body in this life.

When I glimpse 1111 it feels like the Universe is playfully telling me that:
– I AM here by design,
– I AM recognized,
– I AM loved, and
– I AM important to the Universe, as we all are.

Some people say seeing 1111 is a Wink from God or a Cosmic Nudge. What a lovely idea! It is certainly a view I share at this point in time, and also an idea that makes me feel empowered and cared for by the Universe itself.


Regardless of the true meaning behind seeing 1111 (assuming there is meaning beyond what we’ve given), one thing is certain:

The seeing 1111 phenomenon gets people thinking on a higher level of consciousness.

This beautiful little number sequence encourages us to look outside the material world and into the realm of the spiritual.This in turn lifts our thoughts and acts to a greater height.

Surely that can’t be a bad thing at all, right?

Have you got an example of when seeing 11:11 was significant to you? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Kate Barton is a Sydney based ‘lightworker’ – a person who intentionally works to bring healing, love and light to the world. A lifelong student of metaphysics Kate also publishes Basking In Light, a website and online community sharing uplifting news, inspirational true stories and accessible tools for self empowerment and soothing. For more information on Basking In Light visit www.baskinginlight.com or see Facebook page facebook.com/baskinginlight.

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Basking In Light
  • Posted at 12:43pm
Hi Titia, it's a great feeling isn't it! :) Wow, wonder what the story is behind the festival timing - interesting... xx
Basking In Light
  • Posted at 9:46pm
Aaahh, an 1111 tattoo! Love that idea :)
  • Posted at 11:51pm
Lovely read. Last Friday, I was in the car with my sister-in-law dropped me and my neighbour off in our street after a lovely evening together. When we looked at the clock it was 11:11. I loved reading the sentence: "For that moment in time you are exactly in the place where you are meant to be!" That indeed feels true to me :-) By the way, perhaps unrelated but in Cologne the first day of Carnival (Weiberfastnacht) starts at 11.11 in the morning and kicks off a huge six-day celebration.
  • Posted at 11:02am
I saw it all the time.... i have it with me for life now.... a little tattoo. I feel it is all the above.. specially synchronicity
Basking In Light
  • Posted at 12:54pm
Your response made my day, Shanta! Thank you so much, and thank you for the work that you are doing here at Earth school :)
Shanta Gabriel
  • Posted at 4:41am
Thank you for including me in this post Kate. It is very well done and definitely inspiring to all those who are looking for an explanation for the frequently seen "angel codes." You are doing wonderful work and I honor you. Many blessings, Shanta Gabriel

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