What To Do When You Can’t Forgive Yourself & Move On

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“No matter what you did in the past, if you are sorry, then it’s time to forgive yourself.”

The statement above holds extra significance if you also happen to believe in God. After all, if you are taught that God is willing to forgive those who seek forgiveness, then who are YOU to not forgive yourself?

Ultimately, nobody else can make you accept absolution of a wrongdoing or an offer of redemption, because even though you may be told you’re forgiven, if you don’t believe you are worthy of forgiveness then you block yourself from receiving it.

If you think that it is selfish for you to forgive yourself, or that somehow you should continue to suffer for your actions in the past, understand that such an adverse belief does nothing good for anyone. By learning from our mistakes and committing to doing better next time round, we can transform a negative into a positive and increase the good energy of the world around us – isn’t that a more useful contribution to our lives?

The First Step Towards Self Forgiveness

The first step towards forgiving yourself is accepting that you are worthy of forgiveness. This seemingly simple task is often the hardest one to do because too many of us find it easier to love another than to love ourselves.

This is where employing spiritual tools and practices can be very helpful; when you can see yourself as the eternal, beloved soul you were created to be, you will have no other option but to treat yourself with love and finally forgive yourself and let go.

5 Spiritual Tools & Practices For Forgiving Yourself & Letting Go of The Past

1. Prayer

Prayer is the practice of personal communication with God and as such has the power to transform our lives. When we pray for Divine intervention in a situation (for example the proverbial miracle of ‘moving mountains’) often it’s not the mountain that changes but us ourselves! In effect, the mountain disappears because the grace of the Divine gives us what we need to overcome it.

When you pray, ask for help in forgiving yourself, state that you are willing to forgive and move forward, and affirm you are trusting in the power above to deliver you there.

For a beautiful book on prayer through the tough times, we can recommend Uplifting Prayers to Light Your Way by SONIA CHOQUETTE.

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2. Meditation

Meditation can reduce the racket of the external world so greatly that you can hear your own soul and gain a greater awareness of your connection to the Universe.

A meditative state is a powerful time to engage your inner self and resolve the karmic lesson once and for all. Talk to your inner self about what you did, what you learned, why you are sorry and how difficult it had been to forgive yourself. Allow your inner self to respond and see what crops up. Somewhere in that response lies the key to your self forgiveness.

For a useful aide in personal transformation through meditation, see Change Your Thoughts Meditation by DR. WAYNE W. DYER.

3. Write a Letter to Your Angels

Penning a letter to your Angels can be a very cathartic and healing experience. The key is to open your heart and let it all out, don’t censor yourself. Tell your angels why you are writing to them, how you are feeling about yourself and that you are requesting angelic help to forgive yourself and move on. You don’t need to know what your Angels’ names are, you just need to know they are there and ready to help you when you ask them to.

For more information on Angels and how they can help you create a personal miracle, we can recommend Angel Prayers: Harnessing The Help Of Heaven To Create Miracles by KYLE GRAY

4. Affirmations

Affirmations help create conditions we desire. Affirmations are effective because they help change our conscious thoughts which in turn alters our subconscious thoughts (beliefs). The result is being better able to make choices that are aligned with the affirmation. For Basking In Light’s guide on How to Create Effective & Powerful Affirmations click here.

An affirmation for self forgiveness may be: “I am willing to forgive myself and let go of the past. My slate is now wiped clean and I move forward with love to the brilliant new day”.

5. Mirror Work

Mirror work is primarily used to help build self-acceptance and self love. Mirror work is very useful for promoting self-forgiveness because it asks you to accept that you are worthy of love (therefore by extension you are worthy of self forgiveness).

As an introduction to Mirror Work read Robert Holden’s post What Is Mirror Work? An Introduction to Louise Hay’s Famous Exercise

For the final word in forgiving yourself, we couldn’t say it better than Wayne Dyer when he wrote “Forgive yourself and welcome love back into your life.”

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