The Key to Winning When Will-Power Isn’t Enough

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We’ve all fought these personal battles before, or something not too dissimilar. Trying hard to forgive, forget, cut down, cut out, start, end or improve something you know is important for health and happiness, but for some reason is just so darned difficult to do!

Take for example the person still addicted to cigarettes after a dozen failed attempts at quitting (and even more broken promises to their loved ones). Imagine how difficult it must be, with so many unsuccessful attempts behind them, to honestly believe they are truly capable of stubbing out a cigarette once and for all?

And what about the person in a toxic relationship who finds it nearly impossible to walk away even when in pain? Or the student for whom the cycle of procrastination and guilt rules over them for 24 hours a day?

There is an often overlooked solution to winning our “impossible” personal battles

Naturally we tend to attempt to solve human problems by applying human solutions.

But some of the challenges we humans face originate from a place so deep within our psyche that they are unrecognisable to the human mind.

Will-power is not an adequate solution in this case because one is attempting to fix a problem that originates at soul level with something that only works on a physical mind and body level.

For example, a person living on the edge of morbid obesity may be offered treatment by a doctor that consists of diet and exercise, but overeating and lack of movement may not be the cause of their obesity at all. It may in fact be a symptom of issues that stem from the mind of the sufferer.

As many people with major destructive habits will tell you, will-power is not enough when pitted against a deeply established wound.

If you’ve been trying to solve a problem with the same set of solutions time and time again, it is time to change strategy and shake things up a bit.

In the words of Albert Einstein, insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” (That’s not to say you are insane, but you know what I mean).

What happens when you view your challenge from a different perspective

When you decide to view a personal battle from the perspective of a spiritual being as opposed to a human being, then the task at hand instantly becomes easier.

This is because spiritual beings have access to spiritual tools, and there are spiritual tools just waiting to help us overcome every human need. More importantly, we are all spiritual beings.

Spiritual tools turn ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’

Meditation, prayer, visualization, affirmations and decrees are spiritual tools that can help manifest a desired change.

They create change from the inside out – meaning the problem does not become smaller but rather you become bigger!

These spiritual tools will help you discover that you are well equipped to overcome this challenge, and will lead triumphantly to victory in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Use spiritual tools such as Meditation, prayer, visualization, affirmations and decrees to firstly:

– send your intention to heal into the spiritual world; and secondly
– allow for thy will (God’s will) to be done.

“Give the problem over to Divine Intelligence to work out and let it take the lead”

Change your words, change your thoughts. Change your thoughts, change your world.

A really insightful and worthwhile activity is to study your self-talk.

What are you telling yourself about the situation?

Typically, someone stuck in dreaded solution limbo says phrases that sound like the following:

– “I want to do it but I can’t (because…)”,
– “Now is not the right time (because…)”, or
– “I tried before and it didn’t work out (because…)”.

Once you have identified what your negative self talk is, take some time to objectively review the words you are using and then tell yourself to STOP! Resolve to not talk to yourself in that manner anymore about that specific issue. Then repeat this exercise for each personal problem you are trying to overcome.

On a human/physical level, telling yourself something often enough will cause it to become your belief. So the words you use will actually alter your belief system to match it, thus affecting the choices you make.

On a spiritual level, your words (whether spoken or thought) bring together the energies that match the belief behind those words.

In other words: a process will commence where people, opportunities and conditions that provide proof of the belief behind those words will attract themselves to each other and to you and make your belief in those words even stronger.

So once you understand the power of your words to create or destroy you will appreciate why it’s critical to stop with the negative self talk.

That means, no more: “I want to do it but I can’t (because…)”; “now is not the right time (because…)”; or “I tried before and it didn’t work out (because…)”.

Instead, make the decision to use positive, creative self talk to overcome the seemingly impossible. Write down a statement that affirms the problem as being no match for your spiritual will, and ask for your spiritual resources to work on your behalf.

Or, you can download the free guide to Five Effective Spiritual Decrees for when will-power isn’t enough if you’d like some ready to go.


Five Effective Spiritual Decrees for when will-power isn’t enough

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