The Incredible Power of Gratitude

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Gratitude is a secret spiritual multiplier.

The mere act of being grateful alone increases the value of the very thing you are grateful for.

Because gratitude increases the value of your blessing, it is only a matter of time before you start to:
a) feel grateful for being grateful; and
b) receive more blessings to be grateful for.

In a sense, gratitude works like compound interest.

What an incredible deal we get given from the Universe, our true source of all supply!

Gratitude Lifts Your Vibration

Being grateful lifts your spiritual vibration beyond the physical (earthly) towards the metaphysical (heavenly).

When we lift ourselves up towards the higher plane, we tune in to the realm where spiritual laws override material law. This is the realm from where blessings are created and miracles are developed.

An attitude of gratitude is a great state to have if you desire more blessings in your life.

Gratitude Resides In The Heart

Think back to when you felt really grateful about something. Didn’t your heart feel warm and have an overwhelming need to express love?

Gratitude is an energy that is felt in the heart. It is not a thought or an action, but rather a feeling of appreciation towards the Creator for what we are grateful for.

Although authentic gratitude resides in the heart, it can first be manufactured in the mind. This is sometimes necessary to do when times are tough. Afterall, can you imagine how difficult it must be to feel gratitude if you’re in a moment of despair?

The ironic thing is though, this is the moment when you need to practise gratitude the most – when times are tough!

Finding gratitude will not only help you get through a rough patch, but will help you get through it faster.

Gratitude Can Begin in the Mind

Think of your mind as a garden. If you get in the habit of recognizing and caring for your blessings you will watch them grow and expand. Starve the weeds of your attention and they will wither away in no time.

When you are in the midst of a challenging life moment, you may need to use your WILL to employ your MIND to find something to be grateful for. But there is always something to be grateful for, period.

Intellectually you can know that you should be grateful, but not feel it in your heart yet. If this is the case, don’t worry or overthink it. Your job right now is just to express gratitude.

The act of expressing gratitude releases it from the confines of your mind out into the physical world, and aides the transformation of gratitude from thought into feeling.

Gratitude Can Be a Lifestyle and an Attitude

Could you imagine living life in a constant state of gratitude? What would that be like? Would it mean being out of touch of reality and seeing everything only through the falseness of rose-colored glasses?

As someone who has chosen to live life in gratitude, I can tell you the answer is no. I am in touch with the real world, I am active in my community, and I have trials and tribulations and problems that get me down sometimes.

Living in gratitude means sometimes you have to do a lot of searching for an upside when things go awry. But you still search, and you always find.

Living in gratitude means your heart is in constant expression of appreciation from the moment you wake (“thankyou bed for my restful sleep”) to the moment you sleep (“thankyou God for this blessed day”).

The true joy in living in gratitude is that you finally notice there is so much to be grateful for – always. And life is just infinitely more enjoyable when you see that.

Gratitude Triggers the Law of Attraction

Once you start practising mindful gratitude you will be amazed at the fortunate circumstances and opportunities that keep coming your way. Your psyche will shift into a space where the more blessed you feel the more blessings you receive.

To understand the multiplying effect that gratitude can make in one’s life, imagine receiving a call out of the blue stating you’ve won $50.

A person without gratitude would almost shrug the win off, but a person with gratitude would say “Wow! I just won $50. How great is that?”.

Although it is still the same $50, the money is literally worth more to the person who values it. Now we can picture the grateful person walking with a spring in their step and a smile on their face because they are feeling lucky!

A person feeling lucky attracts a completely different set of circumstances and opportunities than someone feeling‘unlucky’. They will also be more likely take advantage of those opportunities.

This scenario is a physical representation of the Universal Law of Attraction. Simply put:

• The energy of a person attracts other energies that match it
• Energy matches can come in the form of people, music, money, words, pictures, anything because everything is energy.

Practising Gratitude Can Increase Your Prosperity

Not only does an act of gratitude increase the value of the very thing for which you’re grateful, but it can send you even more to be grateful for!

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When we experience times of lack or ill-fortune, it is important to remember that everything has it’s season and that times of hardship will pass into easier days. By keeping a grateful heart and a positive mind, as well as looking for opportunities to lift our situation out of lack, we enable the wheels of karmic debt to work faster, bringing our land of plenty to the fore.

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Great reminder of how much to be grateful for. Love it.
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Feeling grateful. Trust in the universe.
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