Study: Experiencing Awe in Nature Makes You More Generous

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Experiencing awe doesn’t just make you feel good. A 2015 study by University of California, Berkeley and and University of California shows that experiencing awe makes you actually do good to others.

Awesome Ten Commandments Checklist

The study involving more than two-thousand subjects found that participants who were exposed to images or experiences that made them feel awe in nature made them more generous towards humans.

Participants continually reported “a reduced sense of self importance relative to something larger and more powerful that they felt connected to,” says Paul Piff, an assistant professor of psychology and social behavior at UC Irvine.

Experiencing awe in nature is good for your soul

Why this increases generosity is still up for debate, but there is one theory I passionately believe in:
that witnessing awe in nature triggers an appreciation of the Universe as the source of all that is to sustain us.

It’s possible that believing the Universe is our true supply erases fear of limitation (or lack), because we can sense the infinite abundance that is Universal supply.

People who do not give freely aren’t necessarily greedy, but rather are fearful that the act of giving will reduce their own bounty. However anyone familiar with the Universal law of Cause & Effect will spot the error in this thinking, as we know that what we give out will always return back to us.

Witnessing something marvellous that makes your jaw drop open in wonder is a magical moment.

It lifts your consciousness towards the Divine plane so that the connection of the “Created” to the “Creator” becomes more discernible to you.

Experiencing Awe Is Your Duty!

Experiencing awe in nature makes us feel more confident about our place in the Universe, it increases our capacity to give freely of ourselves. When we feel awe it is because we are struck by the majesty of the physical reality in front of us. It is like a glimpse into the heavenly realm from where worlds and universes originate from.

So get out and immerse yourself in the amazing things only nature can create, the rest of us will be grateful to you for that!

If you need some ideas on how to get more awe into your life, then check these ideas out:

Five Surefire Ways to Experience Awe in Your Day

1. Travel to a place you’ve never been to before

Get there by plane, walk, drive or ride. Find somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit and go! Anywhere that makes you go ‘wow’ is the goal. Just make sure you don’t miss out on the experience by trying to photograph it (the memory is always better than the photo).

2. Swim in the ocean

It’s hard not to feel like part of something bigger when you’re swimming in the sea. Above you is sky and beyond you is the horizon of the waters edge. It’s the perfect place to become one with nature if the weather is good and the water is clean.

3. Horse around

Horses arguably have the most soulful eyes of any animal (and the largest eyes of most mammals). They are also incredibly graceful, which combined with their large frames does tend to elicit awe in the average person. Horseriding is a great way to spend time outdoors too.

4. Looking up at a mountain

When you look up at a mountain you can sense weather systems, unwavering strength and power, earthly history, contests and conquering. Extra points for climbing up or skiing down said mountain.

5. Seeing the sunrise

There is no better way to start the day than seeing the sun rise divinely in front of your eyes. To witness the birds and other animals starting their day, and to watch the world gradually come into animation is one of life’s great moments. A must do atleast once a week.

When was the last time you felt true awe in nature?

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