Five Signs From The Universe You’re On The Right Path

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Signs from the Universe can come in many forms. When you ask the Universe for a sign, you will receive it.

Here are five tell-tale signs to look out for when you’re not sure about the path you are on.

1. You see 1111 alot and everywhere

1111 is an angel number representing synchronicity and instant manifestation. If you see 1111 popping up everywhere keep your thoughts positive and energy high. This can be a very auspicious time if approached with reverence and positive intentions.

2. Usual activities run unusually smooth and easy

Think green traffic lights all the way, trains arriving as you reach the platform, getting what you need before you even ask. This cycle doesn’t last for long, so go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

3. Angelic cloud figures and white feathers at your feet

This is a wink from your Angels letting you know you are acknowledged and supported by the angelic realm. They are encouraging you to keep moving forward.

4. Wonderful coincidences that make you feel awestruck

These types of coincidences are manifestations of synchronicity, like a cosmic dance that occurs when ‘all the planets are aligned’ and everything is pulsating to the same beat.

5. You see someone unexpectedly after they pop into your head

When you’re on the right path you become more intuitive than usual. Be prepared for more lovely surprises like this!

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