Quartz Crystal Pyramid Energy Generators

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Treat yourself or a loved one to a quartz crystal pyramid energy generator.

Basking In Light now have these beautiful Quartz Crystal Pyramid Energy Generators in store. They are a favorite go-to item for lifting the vibration of your immediate space – just look at them and it’s easy to see why.

Pyramid Energy Generators are so called because the pyramid shape amplifies the power of the crystal, directing the energy to where it is needed.

They make a great choice if you’re looking for a crystal for personal energy healing. Just make sure you select a crystal suited to healing, as some crystals have energy that is more conducive to protecting or cleansing and purifying, for example.

Crystal pyramid energy generators are also an excellent choice for setting the energy of your immediate environment.

For example:
• An amethyst energy generator can make a potent addition to an artist’s studio because amethyst enhances creativity;
• If you tend to take on negative energy from colleagues or customers in your workplace, obsidian crystal is ideal as it protects from the negative vibrations of others.

How to Choose a Crystal Energy Generator

Ask yourself what energy you would like to magnify in your environment and choose your crystal based on that.

Rose Quartz

• Heart Chakra
• Loving Energy
Rose Quartz Energy Generator Crystal
Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It works by transmuting negative feelings of self-worth into an awareness of universal love.


• Base & Third Eye Chakras
• Protective & Psychic Energy
Obsidian Energy Generator Crystal
Obsidian is the stone of truth and traditionally used for scrying. It’s protective energy repels the owner from the negative energy of others and psychic pollution in general.

Clear Quartz

• All Chakras
• Clarifying Energy
Clear Quartz Energy Generator Crystal
Clear Quartz is a ‘master healer’ crystal and amplifies the energy of crystals it is placed near. It helps bring clarity to situations of confusion, brings balance to the auric field and also assists with deepening the meditative state.


• Third Eye and Crown Chakra
• Strengthens connection to higher self

Amethyst Energy Generator Crystal
Amethyst is a highly soothing crystal and helps with healing deep emotional wounds. It also helps to open the Third Eye, allowing for clearer intuition and promoting psychic awareness.

Five Ways to Use Crystal Pyramid Energy Generators

1. Crystal Meditation Tool

Place the crystal pyramid energy generator in your meditation space. Once you reach a relaxed state and are ready to go into your meditation, pick up the crystal and focus on your intention for using that particular crystal. Then put your attention on the energy flowing from the crystal into your hands, then visualise that energy flowing out to every corner of your being (especially where it’s most needed).

2. Crystal Energy Grid

Use the energy generator in combination with other crystals to create an energy grid. Crystal energy grids are used to direct energy towards a particular goal (i.e. to manifest love, a job, heal a wound etc.) and the crystals chosen for the grid are selected with the goal in mind. Place the energy generator in the center of the grid (the Focus Stone) and surround it with a circle of other crystals you have chosen. For more information on how to make a crystal grid, check out this post from crystalcure.com.

3. Chakra Balancing Tool

Place the energy generator crystal on a chakra point to rebalance the energy flow through the body. Different crystals are aligned energetically with different chakras so keep this in mind when selecting your crystal type. Click here to see our Chakra Colors & Crystals Chart.

4. Feng Shui Cure

Crystals are commonly used as feng shui cures to balance or lift the energy of one’s environment. Once you’ve selected the crystal type you want to work with, cleanse the crystal and then place it in the required space (after cleaning that also). Click here for further information on how to place feng shui cures via realsimple.com.

5. Home or Office Décor with a Spiritual Twist

It’s OK to like something just because it looks good! Go ahead and place the crystal pyramid energy generator where ever you like. At the very least, it will add to your own personal energy just like any other aesthetically pleasing item would.

Where to buy a Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator?

Right here!

Want to find out more about Crystals and their energetic properties?

Then check out Sacred Crystals book by Hazel Raven – available in the Basking In Light store.
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