Seven Positive Affirmations to Soothe Your Soul & Mind

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There have been many instances where affirmations have brought me relief during times of worry and confusion.

Positive affirmations can help you in those times too when you want to:

• Soothe your soul
• Calm a troubled mind
• Reduce worry and fear about the unknown
• Increase faith that things will work out OK
• Build courage to take a certain course of action

An affirmation’s point-of-power is its ability to quieten negative thoughts. It is from a calm mind where rational decisions and proactive choices are made and acted upon.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a short, powerful statement repeated continuously so to bring about change. Affirmations work on the premise that our beliefs help shape our lives. By changing our thoughts (conscious), an affirmation helps to alter our beliefs (subconscious).

How do affirmations work?

Affirmations embrace the theory that our thoughts and beliefs drive the choices we make.

For example, if you had the belief that you becoming a doctor was impossible it would be highly unlikely that you would study to become one.

Likewise, if you thought you were undeserving of a gift being offered then it is most likely that you would reject that gift.

So what affirmations do is move us onto the path where our desire resides.

By taking an affirmation and repeating it over and over until the affirmation ‘clicks’, we build confidence in the words we are speaking, enabling it to become part of our belief system.

But not only do affirmations help us make wonderful choices, but through the Law of Attraction affirmations help us to attract wonderful opportunities.

How to use these positive affirmations

You can use these affirmations to lift your mood, or to instil a sense of calm or security.

Firstly, pick an affirmation that resonates most strongly with you (or click here to create your own).

Next, repeat the affirmation to yourself earnestly and with conviction until you feel relief.

Finally, continue the practice regularly until the old belief dissolves and is replaced with the new belief.

Note: To make your affirmations extra powerful:
Click here for 3 Steps to More Effective & Powerful Affirmations.

Soothe your soul & mind with these seven positive affirmations

How long will it take for the affirmation to work?

Every situation, person or problem is unique and therefore the treatment is unique as well. An affirmation may take mere minutes to work, or days, or in some cases, will not work at all. If you are not feeling a positive change to your situation or frame of mind, try adding another spiritual tool or treatment to the mix. And of course, spiritual tools and complementary therapies are not intended to replace medical or mental health treatments.


Your thoughts and beliefs are the driving force behind the choices you make.

Affirmations can help to soothe your soul and mind. They also help manifest what you desire, by first of all changing your thoughts, and then changing your belief. When thoughts and beliefs are aligned with desire, your actions will also align, opening up a smoother road and shorter way to where your desire awaits you.

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