Miracles happen. Read me if you need one.

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Feeling helpless, hopeless and out of control. Surely there is no darker place to be.

Atleast once in our life we are likely to experience it.

I still think about the multiple times I was there in that dark place; it felt like I was literally drowning under the weight of my problems.

So, that’s why I desire so much to share this post with you – because I know that no matter how far down you get, with grace, faith and determination you can bounce back up again even higher than you ever thought was possible.

If you happen right now to be feeling overburdened or fearful, remember that nothing is ever truly hopeless.

Many of us know someone who experienced a sudden and miraculous change to their state-of-affairs. Perhaps the lucky break came at the 11th hour when all else looked lost.

Or maybe you were once ‘saved by the bell’ in the past, only to be now left wondering whether luck, God or your angels will save the day again this time around.

If that is the case, a strong faith in your worthiness as a child of the Universe, and an unwavering belief in miracles, will do nothing but help bring a successful resolution to the fore.

What is a miracle?

The dictionary defines a miracle as “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause”.

A Course In Miracles also states that:
– “There is no order of difficulty among miracles. One is not ‘harder’ or ‘bigger’ than another”; and
– “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love”.

This can be taken to mean that nothing is impossible or too good to be true when it is approached through love (and not fear).

Experiencing a moment of grace

Moments of grace are instances when it seems the Universe steps in on a personal level just to ensure your benefit. For example, the smoker who wakes to find all desire for a cigarette has left them – seemingly without any input from themselves other than an earnest prayer or stated intention.

These moments of grace (little miracles) regularly occur, and if you look for examples of them you will find them.

Why we don’t often see miracles though, is because they don’t always appear the way we expect them to.

Consider the gravely ill person whom the medical profession says has no chance of living. If a surgeon were then to operate and cure the incurable, some would say “the surgeon performed a miraculous feat”. Less people would say that “God performed a miracle”, or that “God performed a miracle through the doctor’s hands”.

A person who lives a miracle filled life will still call it a miracle, because the outcome is indeed miraculous even if the process wasn’t.

A miracle filled life is a partnership between you & the Divine

Believing in miracles and Divine Intervention doesn’t mean handing over responsibility for your life.

Rather it means working together with the heavenly realm to co-create God’s blueprint for your life. It means being willing to let go of what holds you down and allowing your expectations to rise.

When your expectations lift to match your highest hopes and dreams (God’s blueprint for your life), your results will equal that vibration – even if the Universe has to get involved to make it so.

The miraculous power of positive expectations

Although you don’t have to be a believer in miracles to receive one, being open to their existence brings more opportunities for a touch of Divine intervention in your life.

The Universal Law of Attraction states that positive expectations allow for positive outcomes, and as you start to become aware of the role that the immutable Universal Laws have in all of our lives, one feels a greater sense of peace in difficult times because their fear is swallowed by faith.

Once you begin to consciously shift your mindset about problems from hopeless to hopeful, you start to release the situation to the Universe to solve. This is the realm of miracles.

The transformational power of forgiveness

It’s pretty usual to hold resentment towards something or someone. But the usual is not where miracles reside. Miracles reside in the unusual, the unexpected, the incredible.

Resentment takes up space in your heart and mind where love and peace are meant to be. Forgiveness is an act of love not just towards the forgiven but also for the forgiver and the Universe itself.

Furthermore, a miracle cannot occur without the presence of love. So do yourself a favour: forgive, forgive, forgive. Even if who you need to forgive is yourself .

If you are having trouble forgiving yourself for something then CLICK HERE for our article:
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God helps those who help themselves

There’s a funny joke about a guy sitting on the roof of his house as flood waters rise around him:

His neighbor tries to rescue him with a surfboard but the guys says “no, I’m waiting for my God to save me.” Later a boat arrives to rescue him and the guy says “no, I’m waiting for my God to save me”. The waters continue rising then a helicopter comes to the rescue. But the guy sends them away and says “no, I’m waiting for my God to save me”. Finally the guy drowns and when he gets to heaven he says “God, why didn’t you save me?“. God replies with: “Man, I sent you a surfboard, a boat, a helicopter…

Don’t be one of those people who only believes in magical thinking and not magical doing. Ask for your miracle and then take a step towards it in faith.

From a practical standpoint this could mean going for a second opinion for a medical issue, or reaching out to a counsellor if you are suffering with an emotional issue.

Be prepared to do some work to manifest what you are asking for. But equally, be prepared to be led to where you need to be. Do not force anything to happen.

When you ask the Universe for help in this way, your job is to have faith, let the Universe set the course and to go with the flow. Just as importantly you need to grab onto the arm that is sent to help you.

Five steps to creating a miracle filled life

Preparing for a miracle helps create the space needed for a little help from above. It also aids in making the gap between asking and receiving:
– more comfortable
– less angst ridden
– more timely

I believe in miracles because I’ve received them. And as each miracle occurred they became easier to manifest – this is because my belief in miracles had grown.

When you can trust in Infinite Intelligence to solve your problem “in the perfect way and in the perfect time” your miracle starts its journey to you.

I created this guide “Five Steps to Creating a Miracle Filled Life” to help you build that trust, so your miracles can come sooner and more easily to your door.

Click Here for your guide to the five steps you need to take to create more miracles in your life.


Have you ever experienced your own miracle?

Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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