Make the New Year your Miracle Year

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Manifest the Life You Want

4 Ways in 4 Days New Year Program

The New Year is THE perfect time to take stock of your life! This is a time when many of us are feeling excited about the possibilities ahead, and more motivated to make those little changes that can push us forward in life. It’s a ripe opportunity to lay the groundwork to manifest life you want.

By asking yourself questions such as:
“how do I want to feel, where do I want to be, how do I get there, and who do I want to journey with?”
you can not only discover what your highest hopes and dreams are but make it more possible to achieve those desires.

In this series of 4 Ways in 4 Days, Basking In Light provides a practical (and fun) way to identify your best self (the ‘whole’ you) and guides you on how to create the fertile conditions that can give birth to your best life.

Why 4 Ways & 4 Days?
In numerology 4 represents the manifestation of ideas into the material form. Another way of looking at it is:
Source (1) + Self (2)+ Spirit (3) = Manifestation (4)
The 4 vibration is about organization, order, action and materialization; what a perfect vibration for a this New Year program!

I know for a fact that these tools and ideas for creating your best life can work… I personally I have been able to manifest amazing life conditions that I long ago dreamed for. But these tools and ideas are only as powerful as the actions of the person holding them. Dreams without actions are just dreams after all. Acting on your hopes and dreams is where the magic really happens!

Act on your dreams


Day 1: Get Rid of Clutter

Today is all about new beginnings

Declutter for a great year

If you desire new conditions in your life you need to make room for new conditions, and letting go of what doesn’t serve you is a necessary part of the process.

It is time to let go of the things that no longer serve you. Anything that does not spark joy in you or makes your life easier or more enjoyable needs to go.

From a metaphysical standpoint, getting rid of our ‘junk’ triggers the Universal Law of Compensation, which means in place of junk the Divine (ideal) replacement is received. From a very basic and practical point of view, don’t fill your cupboard with clothes you hate.

It is also worthwhile recognizing that as physical clutter can cause stress, decluttering will promote a better sense of wellbeing.

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Day 2: Create Your Personal Sacred Space

Today you are making space for grace

Create a personal sacred space

Set up a sanctuary in your home where you can pray, meditate, journal or simply visualize your best life without interruption.

Select a place that is quiet and airy which can be blocked off from the usual household goings-on. Thoroughly clean the space you have chosen and then place within it items that symbolize spiritual connection to you. This could be pictures of angels, spiritual words or quotes, Holy books, crystals, candles and flowers.

Pleasant lighting combined with a lovely fragrance and sounds are three attributes of the angelic realm, so a space containing these three angelic qualities will lift your spiritual work to a higher level.

Don’t worry if your space needs to perform another function when you aren’t using it for spiritual work. Simply clean the area each time before you use it and then add your symbolic spiritual items. The act of preparing the space itself for a spiritual purpose will dedicate the space to Spirit therefore making the space sacred.

You might like to light a candle and say a quick prayer for Divine guidance before you commence your spiritual task. Entering your sacred space with reverence and an intention to connect with your higher self and God (or Source, the Divine, or whatever you choose to call the Creator) will make it so, and it is from this space where the answers to your highest hopes and dreams are borne.

(For more information about how to set up a sacred space read 12 Divine Tips for Creating a Sacred Space at Home)

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Day 3: Write Your ‘I AM’ Statement

Today you are discovering your highest hopes and dreams

If nothing was too good to be true and you could be free from shame or guilt, what would your life look like if you could make it so?

Take a moment to think about it – close your eyes, relax your body and really let your imagination run.

Try to spend at least ten minutes envisioning what your life would look like if you could design every aspect of it.

If you do this for long enough you will find that ego-based imaginings will begin to subside and you’ll start to receive impressions direct from your intuition.

You’ll recognise these intuitive impressions by how they make you feel: peaceful and confident, like it is meant to be, whereas impressions from your ego will make you excited and ‘proud’ instead.

Once you’ve reached a state of connection with your intuition, it’s time to start making a record of your I AM statement.

Starting with the words ‘I AM’, release yourself from thoughts of ‘impossible’ or ‘unlikely’ and start writing down every life condition that you think will make you feel blessed and grateful.

For example:
Where would you live, how would you feel and what would do for a living? There is no detail that is too small if it is important to you.

When you have finished, end your I AM statement by writing down the following words:
‘All this and even greater I now accept wholeheartedly and with joy. Through God and with God. So may it be. And so it is.’

Read your I AM statement aloud every morning and every evening, feeling excited about the new life you are co-creating with the Universe (and yes, this does actually work, I know this for a fact :))

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Day 4: Get Your Health in Order

Today you take care of your single most important possession – your health

We know that to reach peak physical health you need to work at it. But do you know what your current health situation is and what your ideal health situation really looks like?

Your body, state of affairs, motivators and discouragers are unique to you, and employing health goals and strategies intended for the masses without fine-tuning it to your needs is often counterproductive (even more so if you now have self-doubt nipping at your heals).

Getting your health in order means understanding where you are from a health perspective, where you want to be, why you aren’t there yet and how you’re going to get there.

If you have medical insurance, now is a prudent time to review your policy and ensure you have an appropriate level of cover for your needs. Then get to work and make appointments to see your doctor and dentist for a thorough checkup.

If you have the means, enlist a health coach to help you establish your health goals and define the path to achieving them. A cost-free alternative to using a professional coach is to buddy up with an acquaintance or friend who is also looking to improve their health. Make an agreement to be accountable to each other for the work you are committing to and get together regularly to discuss your progress and provide motivation.

When coming up with your health plan, it is important to focus on what you can do TODAY using what you already have. Don’t just join a gym next week, start walking or running today. If self-discipline is a problem, internal work to improve your discipline levels is a great idea but also ask someone to help motivate you today. If money has been a hindrance to your health, work on your financial position but use a free health resource today.

Your health is your single most important possession; without it, enjoying the physical and emotional blessings of human life is near impossible. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for the right time or more money or even the right conditions to start improving your health. If you only start today and do what you can with what you have, you can start making noticeable improvements to your health right now.

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This 4 Ways in 4 Days program is a great foundation to kickstart the new year with and manifest life you want. By identifying what your best life looks and feels like, and then setting up the supporting conditions in your body, mind, spirit and home, you’ll be well on your way to creating your most fulfiling year yet.

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