How to Attract Your Soulmate: a Spiritual Ritual that’s Tried & Tested

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The Law of Attraction & Your Soulmate

I met a woman over ten years ago who told me an incredible story of how she had used the Law of Attraction to attract the man of her dreams. To purposely attract your soulmate, she said, you first of all have to know what you want, and then know how to apply the Universal laws that go hand in hand with manifestation.

This lady was a clairvoyant and spiritual healer who worked at the local new age shop, and I went to see her in an effort just to feel happy again.

After a healing session of reiki and guided meditation, we started talking about the cause of my unhappiness and the possibility that it was due to my non-existent love life (ummm, she knew more than I did!).

It was then that the healer told me how she had finally met her soulmate and was in the process of setting up house with him.

This lady said that in the course of packing up her old home, she discovered a piece of paper buried at the back of a drawer in her dresser.

When she unfolded the sheet of paper she couldn’t believe what she was reading, as a couple of years had passed since she wrote this note and she’d forgotten all about it.

What was in the note?

The note was a letter to God asking for the Universe to grant her the desire of her heart; to meet her ideal love match and be unified together as physical soulmates. In this letter to God, she had also detailed in attribute she wished for this person to have. So, fast forward to two years later, and there she was, realizing the person described in this list WAS the man she was in the process of setting up house with.

How cool is that?

So this lady made a suggestion for me to do the same thing. I did. And yes, two years later I fell in love with the man that would become my husband, and he was exactly as I described on my list.

So there you go. If you are unlucky or lonely in love, why don’t you try this method to attract your soulmate: the partner who is your Divine selection?


>>>Click here to download the Candle Ritual in PDF format


There is An Ideal Match for Everybody Who Wants Love

For every person yearning for romantic love, there is someone yearning to love them.

This person is out there somewhere, and they are such a perfect match for you it would seem even God couldn’t have set up a better pairing.

That’s why I like to call this person the Divine selection.

But where is this person and why aren’t they here with you?

Where you live, what you look like, how much money or education you have, or what your social standing is has absolutely nothing to do with why you have not met your soulmate yet.

If you think the source of the Universe cannot link a person in Canada with a person in New Zealand then you are mistaken. The mechanics of putting two lovers together is a walk in the park for the power that creates worlds.

The real block from matching with our Divinely selected lover is how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about them.

Three Common Roadblocks to Finding Your Soulmate

Here are three common roadblocks to finding our perfect match… which one applies to your situation?

Thinking you are unloveable in any way, shape or form

If you think, either consciously or unconsciously that you are unlovable, your choices and actions will support that belief.

Not knowing what you want

If you don’t know yourself well – what makes your heart sing, what you desire and not desire for yourself – the volume of hay you have to sort through before finding the needle increases greatly.

Living on behalf of others

If your dreams and aspirations are made up of other people’s expectations, what and who you attract into your life is aligned with their desires and not yours. These relationships rarely last or bring long term happiness.

The remedy for these three relationship roadblocks starts by you:
feeling and embracing the idea that you’re loveable and worthy of your ideal mate; and
– having a clear idea of the qualities you’d like this person to have

That’s where this spiritual practice for attracting your soulmate can help.

How this spiritual practice for attracting love actually works

The imagination is a manifestation powerhouse!

Everything that exists in the world born in the Individual Mind using the creative power of the imagination (e.g Facebook was somebody’s idea). The only exception to this is where it was received as an intuitive imprint from the Universal Mind (e.g. Paul McCartney dreamt the melody to Yesterday which he then went on to record and perform).

This ritual is a beautiful way of utilising the creative power of the imagination to bring your heart’s desire to you.

What we are doing through this co-creative spiritual practice is:

1. Acknowledging that our Creator has given us the power to manifest non-physical into physicalthat uses the power our Creator has given us to manifest non-physical into physical.

2. Shifting our vibrational state from passive creativity into a state of purposeful creativity (sloppy or confused creativity is not allowed here!)

3. Identifying the qualities we desire from our love match – the very elements of a soul that makes your your heart sing

4. Picturing an image of our ideal mate and feeling the vibrational qualities of being matched with that person. This is what moves our ideal mate from imagination into the holding pattern of manifestation (the field of pure potential, or what Abraham Hicks calls “The Vortex”* – * (that link is to their ebook on subject and provides me with a small commission if you make a purchase through that link).

5. Working with the Law of Attraction to bring to us our ideal mate, our Divine selection, in the perfect way and under grace.

A Word of Caution Though

Do not obsess over, or give too much focus, to this exercise. Not only would it be emotionally unhealthy for you to do so, but it would hinder and delay the intended outcome due to the messy energy it would create.

If you are the obsessive type then this practice is not right for you at this point in time. Wait until you know that you can approach this exercise with calm and and a sense of ‘what will be will be’, rather than anxiety or desperation.

When you have finished writing your letter to God put it away somewhere for safe keeping, feeling content in the knowledge that your request has been heard by the powers that be. You’ve asked the Universe to manifest your heart’s desire so that means you must now hand it over and let go.

The Candle Ritual to Attract Your Soulmate

This ritual is not magic; we are not casting spells. What we are doing is working with the Law of Attraction to identify, picture and attract to us the person who is our Divine selection.

This exercise is called a ritual because there are certain steps to be undertaken and each is imperative to the outcome as detailed above.

What you Need:

• a candle (preferably pink to symbolize romantic love)
• writing paper and pen

Sit down comfortably where you will not be disturbed for half an hour or so.

Try and have clear energy within yourself and within the space you are in.

If you feel mentally cluttered or burdened from the day, meditate or pray to clear your mind.

Let fresh air into the room or smudge your space with a sage to cleanse your space from any energy that is not useful to this exercise.

Now Let’s Start:

1. Place a pink candle in front of you. The color pink represents romantic love.

2. You may like to pray or meditate for Divine guidance towards your highest good

3. Light your candle

4. Take a few deep breaths and set your intention to manifest your soulmate (your Divine selection – the person so right for you that they seem to be God-given).

5. Write your letter to God (or The Universe, your Angels etc.) asking to grant you the “desire of your heart, your ideal love partner”.

6. List the attributes you would like this person to have. Be specific and remember nothing is too good to be true!

7. End the letter with “all this and even greater, I now accept, wholeheartedly and with love. Through God and with God, so may it be. And so it is.”

8. Read your letter out aloud with conviction.

9. Spend time feeling what it would be like to have your desire granted. Let your heart lead you, not your head.

10. Snuff the candle out when you are satisfied.

11. Say THANKYOU to the Universe for hearing you.

12. Put your letter away for safe keeping and get on with your life!

13. Be calm and remember the right love will come to you – at the perfect time and in the perfect way.


Click here to download the Candle Ritual in PDF format



Once again, it’s important to approach this exercise without desperation or anxiety. Be light in your approach. Have fun with the exercises but know that the Universal Law of Attraction is now working on your behalf.

A desperate approach attracts a match who desires a desperate approach; it will also increase the time to connect with your Divine selection due to the litany of romantic mismatches that will appear in your life beforehand.

So what do you think about this ritual for attracting your Soulmate to you? Or have you tried another spiritual practice for manifesting love? Let us know in the comments section below – we would love to hear from you!


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