Creating Your Best Life – Day 4

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Creating Your Best Life – 4 Ways in 4 Days

Day 4: Write Your “I AM” Statement

Welcome to Day 4. Today you are discovering your highest hopes and dreams.

If nothing was too good to be true and you could be free from shame or guilt, what would your life look like if you could make it so?

Take a moment to think about it and really let your imagination run. After a while you may find ego-based imaginings start to calm down and in place you will receive images that come from your intuition. You will recognise these intuitive impressions because they will make you feel peaceful (like it is meant to be) whereas the impressions from your ego will make you stimulated instead.

Starting with the words “I AM” unshackle yourself from physical improbabilities and human insecurities and start writing down every life condition that you think will make you feel blessed and grateful. What about where you live, how you feel and what you do for a living? There is no detail that is too small if it is important to you.

When you have finished, end your I AM statement by writing down the following words:

“All this and even greater I now accept wholeheartedly and with joy. Through God and with God. So may it be. And so it is.”

Read your I AM statement aloud every morning and every evening, feeling excited about the new life you are co-creating with the Universe and watching it unfold a little bit more each day.

4 Ways in 4 Days - Day 4

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