Basking In Light Add Tony Robbins Products to Inspirational Online Store

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Inspirational website and online community, Basking In Light, is proud to announce they have joined the stables of motivational powerhouse, Tony Robbins, as a newly inked Affiliate Partner. The Tony Robbins brand is well recognized as a leader in self development and life strategy coaching, making an ideal fit for Basking In Light’s online offering of positive news stories, inspiring content and straightforward self-help resources.

Visitors to the Basking In Light store will now find self development programs from Tony Robbins sitting alongside the handpicked books and courses from self help giant, Hay House Inc., making the store one of the most uplifting and inspirational sites on the web today.

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Basking In Light’s publisher, Kate Barton, says “The self development courses Tony Robbins has demonstrated the power to change lives. We are proud to be putting Tony Robbins digital programs within easy reach of our readers and to be part of an outstanding formula that truly can help you create your best life.”

Visit Basking In Light’s online store to find the perfect selection of products to uplift your soul and inspire you to greater heights.

For further information about Basking In Light please contact Kate Barton, Founder & Publisher, Basking In Light through http://baskinginlight.com/contact-us/


Basking In Light is an inspirational website and online community whose mission is to make the world a better place. We believe that even on bad news days, there are still inspiring true stories, uplifting news and positive information that must be shared, and that by doing so we help others to live with greater confidence, inner peace and hope. Basking In Light’s motto is “Feel Uplifted, Be Inspired, Believe In Miracles” which is the cornerstone of everything we do and say. Namaste!

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