Australia opens their first ‘rescued food’ supermarket

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Australia’s first ‘rescued food’ grocer has opened in Sydney, providing access to quality surplus food on a ‘pay-as-you-need’ basis.

Called The OzHarvest Market, the grocer is operated by OzHarvest, a charitable organization who collects and delivers excess food from restaurants to over 900 charities.

For some customers, the OzHarvest Market enables free fresh food they would otherwise miss out on.

OzHarvest Market
OzHarvest CEO, Ronni Kahn

In an interview with SBS.com.au, , OZHarvest CEO, Ronnie Kahn said, “There’s no means testing, no value judgement, anyone can come in. If you can afford it, pay it forward, pay for somebody or pay for something. It’s about only taking what you need.”

For more information on OzHarvest Market, visit their website http://www.ozharvest.org/market/

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