Amethyst Crystal Gem Trees: Mix Feng Shui & Metaphysics

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Amethyst crystal gem trees are a stunning mix of feng shui and metaphysics. In Chinese tradition, miniature crystal trees are displayed in homes and offices to bring good fortune.

And whether you believe in the metaphysical powers of crystals or not, one thing is for sure – crystals are beautiful, and throughout history Amethyst particularly was esteemed as one of the greatest beauties of them all.

Although today’s marketplace regards amethyst as a semi-precious stone, in ancient times amethyst was considered a precious stone and sometimes commanded pricing that was on par with diamonds.

History & Legend of Amethyst

The word “amethyst” derives from the Greek amethystos which may be translated as “not drunken”. Greek mythology tells the story of a maiden, Amethyste and the god of wine, Bacchus. After being turned into a clear crystal statue, Bacchus regretted his actions and poured his red wine over the status of Amethyste in an offering of regret.

Legend of Amethyst and Bacchus
Bacchus the God of Wine

Thus in ancient times it was said that wearing amethyst on one’s body would protect the wearer from intoxication or unbridled passion. Ancient Greeks and Romans also often drank from amethyst studded goblets in a quest to keep drunkeness at bay.

Uses & Meanings of Amethyst

Amethyst is the birth stone of February and is the traditional stone of St Valentine. For those born under the Pisces zodiac sign, amethyst is also a traditional birthstone.

Amethyst is a stone of seeming contradictions, but in essence this stone is really about self-control and balance. On one hand amethyst promotes fiery passion, yet on the other it promotes temperance and self-restraint.

In spiritual applications amethyst enhances psychic powers and also protects the user from psychic attack.

As a healing crystal, amethyst is used for healing deep emotional wounds such as grief and loss. It is also used for assisting in the treatment of addictions and self-destructive behaviours.

Amethyst makes a good choice of crystal when desiring a deeper meditation or connection within your spiritual practice.

Consequently, because amethyst supposedly unlocks the higher mind, learning or creative exercises are said to be more productive when an amethyst crystal is present.

Crystal Gemtrees and Feng Shui

Crystal trees are aesthetically pleasing and can be used to increase a desired energy within the home or workplace.

When selecting a crystal gemstone tree for a Feng Shui cure, you need to consider:

The quantity of crystals in the gem tree

The more crystals the better (you are after abundance!). Note the volume of crystals is more important than the size of the actual tree itself.

The metaphysical properties of the crystal

Amethyst trees make excellent choices for Spiritual or Creative endeavours. For financial treatments try Citrine or Jade. If it’s help with love and romance you’re after then Rose Quartz or Rhodonite make good choices.

The placement of the crystal tree

Firstly place the tree in the room required, and then select the optimal feng-shui placement within the room. For an easy to use guide on feng shui cure placements check out this one from realsimple.com.

Hence, if you wish to aid learning, put an Amethyst crystal tree in your study and place it in the knowledge area. For temperance, place the crystal tree where you usually entertain and place it the within the family & health area. To increase romantic passion, place the amethyst tree in your bedroom within the relationship area.

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Amethyst is a soothing crystal that opens the higher mind and protects it from lower energies. Amethyst crystal trees make a great gift for anyone interested in the energetic qualities of this stone and who also appreciate their decor with an esoteric twist.

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