Tony Robbins & Abraham Hicks – we’re keeping good company

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Wow, September is gearing up to be a busy month here at Basking In Light!

We are proud to announce we have added Tony Robbins self development courses to the catalogue of inspiring products available through our online store. The Tony Robbins brand is synonymous ground breaking motivation and life strategy coaching, so I think it’s an awesome fit for what we encourage at Basking In Light – news, content and resources that either inspire you, uplift you or confirm to you that miracles really do exist.

Check out the latest self development courses from Tony Robbins to hit our online store HERE

We’re also giving away ebook copies of Abraham Hicks’ powerful “The Law of Attraction”. All we want to know is if you believe in miracles, and why/why not. Enter the competition HERE

Last but not least Basking In Light are about to move into new offices! Now I’m kicking myself for not being more proactive with my filing. But bigger, brighter digs will surely bring out bigger and brighter ideas for spreading more positive energy out there in the world.

Have a great week. And if you get time check out our newly launched Basking In Light YouTube channel for uplifting videos that will add light to your day.

Love and light, Kate

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