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It was love at first site when I spotted my amethyst crystal gem tree!

I mean what is there not to love? Just look at the aesthetics of this miniature tree; abundant with beautiful amethyst crystals and auspicious with its symbolism.

Amethyst itself is a soothing and meditative stone that is said to open up the higher mind and encourage spirituality, creativity, temperance and passion. It is a great crystal for brightening up an energetically 'blah' corner, or for encouraging a deeper connection to spirit within your spiritual practice.

I place my amethyst crystal tree in my 'sacred space', alongside my angel figurine and Tibetan singing bowl. I use my crystal gem tree daily in meditation and during creative visualization exercises.

These beautiful crystal gem trees are crafted by hand and imported from a company in India who only works with crystals. From the stock I brought into country, lucky family and friends have received some as gifts and the rest are now available for sale through the Basking In Light Etsy Store.

To get your own amethyst crystal gem tree, or to gift a crystal tree to a loved one, head over to our online store and use the coupon code Blog07 to receive 10% off your order.

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