A moment to give thanks in 2016

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What a ride this year has been so far! I don’t know about you but there sure have been lots of turns, twists, dips and climbs this year! It’s been exciting, beautiful, uncomfortable, challenging, moving and interesting all rolled into one.

But you know what? I wouldn’t change a single thing about the ride this year because there has been so much to be grateful for.

Training yourself to see the good in every situation is certainly a hard task to master, but it is so worth it once you can do it. From a purely selfish point of view, a positive outlook just makes life more enjoyable, so why not?

To illustrate the blessings delivered by the unnexpected, the disappointing and the downright crazy, here are five things I am truly grateful for – even though I was unprepared and perhaps even a little overwhelmed (initially).

Five Silver Linings I Am Grateful For

1. The growing collective desire for equality for all peoples (and a willingness to stand and be counted) – brought about by the obvious injustices faced by ‘minorities’ in our society.

2. The extra love and care shown by young children towards our planet Earth – brought about by a sense of urgency in response to environmental concerns.

3. The amazing patience I have developed by being a mother to a busy, demanding and verbose four-year-old.

4. The beautiful relationships that have strengthened and grown after their sudden collapse under the weight of unsaid words.

5. The abundance of situations and people that have brought more light to my world – brought about by my conscious decision to not spend time around energy ‘vacuums’.

I hope you can come up with your own set of silver linings in your gratitude list this year.

Happy thanksgiving to you and yours, may peace be in your home and soul.


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