6 Common Childhood Memories of Dad

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In celebration of Fathers Day (which falls in September for the residents of Australia and New Zealand), we asked around for some fond childhood memories people have of their dad.

Here they are – a list of the most common ‘fond dad memories’ from childhood, as advised by friends and family. How many do you recognize?

1. The Fake Sleep From The Car

Do you remember your parents driving you home after a night out at a restaurant or a friend’s place, and falling asleep in the back of the car? How blissful it was to be lifted so easily out of your seat, nestled in your father’s arms as he carried you to bed while you pretended to still be fast asleep.

2. The Joke That Never Got Old

Many dads had a fart joke they would use regularly, such as ‘pull my finger’, ‘it was your mother’, or ‘where’s the frog?”

3. “Take this, but don’t tell your mother”

How many times did your father slip you spending money or a treat on the sly, knowing full well your mother would not approve?

4. When You Asked Him This, He Never Said No

Any time you ever asked him “Dad, could you play with me?” the response was always “Sure, buddy” even if he’d just come back from work. He might not have played for long, but he always said yes.

5. He Was A Persistent Teacher

He may not have been the most patient man in the world, but your father was patient enough to teach you ride a bike, ski and drive.

6. He Was In Charge of Car Music

For some reason, mom would select the music played inside the house, and dad would choose the music for the car (and usually it was one of three favorite cassette tapes played in high rotation).

If you’d like to add your own Fond Dad Memory please let us know with a comment!

Happy Fathers Day to ALL the dads out there, from Basking In Light

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